Independent industrial electrical equipment distribution group.

For over 60 years, ETN has operated an independent industrial electrical equipment distribution group in France and Europe



Our customers


Installers, integrators, panel builders

End Users

Skills and technical means

  • A group of technical specialists on each site.
  • Definition of technical solutions tailored to your needs.
  • Synergy of industrial electrical products.
  • Advice on the choice of brands and products.
  • Technical assistance before and after sales.
  • A demonstration room on each site.


  • A team of specialists responding to your requests.
  • Stock at each of our points of sale.
  • Adaptation of our agencies’ stock for the local market.
  • Access to all stock of all agencies.
  • Homogeneous and efficient information system.

Cutting edge developments & market needs

e Business

  • Electronic catalogue
  • Online ordering and invoicing
  • EDI
  • Punch-Out

Economic optimisation

  • Reduced order management costs
  • Centralised purchases
  • Proposal for substitute components
  • Energy efficiency

Services +

  • Research and provision of scarce products
  • On-site expert diagnosis and assessment: measurements, analyses, solutions


Automation, machine vision, speed variation, instrumentation, industrial EMC

Top-class partners

Close synergy between world market leading products.

We are at your disposal for any questions regarding our range of products & services.