ETN training

We offer personalised training for the 4 big industry families: AUTOMATION, TRACTION, MACHINE VISION, EMC..

We specialise in the fundamental requirements of the tech industry:

  • Automation: automaton, HMI, supervision, special cards
  • Traction: speed variation, brushless.
  • Machine Vision.
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC).

Audiences: technicians and engineers, novices or experienced, in the areas of maintenance, development and integration.


Methodology: requirement definition

We define your teams’ training requirements with you.

  • Prerequisites, analysis of the audiences to be trained (assessment of skills …).
  • The training objectives
  • Content:: take advantage of the ETN network, and train near you! !

The training must meet the needs of the company, particularly in terms of expanding the skills of employees and the optimisation of the production tool.

Training definition

  • Possibility of inter or intra company training.
  • Choice of planning.
  • Standard course or specific adapted training (content, duration, etc.).
  • Continuous adaptation of training to the evolution of technologies and products.

Means implemented & development

  • Courses conducted by professional trainers.
  • Theoretical courses and practice on real applications.
  • Dedicated models and demonstration benches.
  • Programming console / PC per candidate.
  • Constant dialogue between trainer and students to constantly monitor the acquisition of knowledge.
  • Validation of skills.

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