About us

ETN, a independent distribution group

In automation, electrical engineering,
training, process instrumentation, industrial vision and robotics, industrial ethernet & cybersecurity and EMC.

ETN is an independent groupof electrical equipment distribution. Our strategy is based on long-term partnerships with our clients and suppliers.

We can offer you a complete range of products that will meet your needs in automation, electrotechnical, motion drive, process instrumentation, vision systems, industrial ethernet, robotics, industry 4.0…

Our technical expertise will meet all your needs and will provide you with our partners best solutions.

Your satisfaction is our core priority !

Our pre-sales and after-sales technical services are at your disposal to provide you with the best help possible. Each of our subsidiaries is provided with technical experts to give you answers and assist you with the most adapted technical support.

Every branch also owns a large storage area with a wide range of equipment to meet our local customers expectations and needs. Moreover, our local teams are able to adapt their stocks and processes in order to offer on-demand suited logistical solutions (i.e: using your internal codification, kitting and so on).

If your company runs a national or international business, we can also offer a wider approach, homogeneous and coordinated.

We are developing our own system of information. This powerful, adapted and evolving tool allows us to adapt to your IT* requirements and to offer you all current “E-business” solutions.

*IT: Information Technology refers to the use of computers, storage, networks and devices, infrastructure and processes to create, process, store, secure and exchange all kinds of electronic data

For more than 60 years, ETN has developed an independent French and European network of electrical equipment distribution, working closely with the industrial sector mainly.


Our clients

( Equipment manufacturers )

Installers, integrators, tablemakers

End users

Skills and technical means

> Technical experts in every subsidiary
> Technical solutions defined with you and adapted to your needs
> A synergy of industrial electrical equipment
> Suppliers and products advice
> Pre and after-sales technical services
> A showroom on each ETN site


> A team of experts to help you answering your questions
> A large storage capacity in each of our agencies
> Storage adapted to our local market
> Each of our subsidiaries’ stock can be quickly accessed
> A seamless and efficient information system

At the forefront of market developments and needs


> Electronic catalog
> Online ordering and billing
> Punch-out

Economic optimisation

> Reduction of order management costs
> Centralisation de vos achats
> Proposal of substitute components
> Energy efficiency

Services +

> Research and supply of rare products

> Diagnosis and expertise on site: measurements, analyses, solutions

Training workshops

> Automation
> Industrial vision
> Speed variation
> Instrumentation
> Industrial EMC